What does a workout consist of?

In your orientation we will devise a plan to achieve your health and fitness goals. Each workout there after will consist of exercises designed to improve your areas of need and achieve the goals set in your orientation. Workouts are uniquely customized.

What is on-site training?

On-site training means we come to you! While some clients prefer to hold sessions in the comfort of their own home, others find it more convenient to have their trainer come right to the office. Neither of these locations work for you? Let us help you find a spot!

How much space do I need?

Limited space? Not a problem! Our professionals have been trained to be creative. A 5’x5′ space is all that is needed to get an effective workout.

What if I don't have any exercise equipment?

We will provide all equipment needed for each specific session. If you have your own equipment (i.e. in home gym, free weights, etc.), your trainer will show you how to make good use of it.

Can I workout with a friend?

One-on-one sessions allow for a more personal workout experience, however special accommodations can be made to ensure maximum results while working in a group.

Can I try it out first?

We prefer that you try it first, which is why your first workout is free! Finding the right program is vital to seeing results. Sign up for your Health & Fitness Orientation and see what an Omni-Active personal trainer can do for you!