What They're Saying. . .


Shannon R.

My husband and I just had our first consult with Nithanial at our home and we were extremely impressed.  He was polite, professional and made us both feel 100% comfortable.  We had absolutely no hesitation in signing up for training sessions after meeting with him in person.  Looking forward to getting started :)

Katherine M.

We have been using Omni-Active for a year and have seen great results. Our trainer has been amazing and really pushes us to do the best we can so we get the most out of our workouts. What's even better they personalize your workout to your goals and skill sets. We have found this to be the best way to get real results!

Scott B.

The entire team is top notch. They push me to find my limits, while at the same time motivating me to  best my goals. My trainer, Dustin, has been amazing. He is a beast. He is always encouraging me and motivating me to do my best. The work is difficult, but the results are worth it. The exercise, diet / meal plans, and motivation are paying off. I'm losing weight, feeling good, and getting into shape. Thanks!

Hallie S.

Love working out with Mary!  She is positive and supportive.

Eric G.

I've had a really positive experience! My trainer has motivated me to work hard and guided me on how to achieve my goals. I really appreciate the personal approach and the flexibility  to work around my busy and erratic work schedule.  I definitely would recommend them!

Carlos H.

I have been working with their trainers for 2 years and have found them to be friendly, encouraging, very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping me achieve my fitness goals. My current trainer, Josh, has helped me work through several sports related injuries and has been a fantastic resource for not only exercise and physical therapy but also for nutrition and the mental aspects of becoming and staying physically fit.